San Jose Wholesale Only Closed Bid Sale

TriStar Motors LLC is proud to announce our Closed Bid Wholesale Only Sales in San Jose & Los Angeles will begin in August 2021.
Each closed bid sale will be held monthly and consist of both wholesale and retail units.
Every vehicle sold at these sales will come with fresh license plates and current registration.

Most vehicles will come with smog certification & Division 12 safety compliance.
Wholesale ROS will be issued on each sale.
Delivery of multiple units to your dealership is available.
Dealer License, Photo ID & Resale Permit must be current to participate in these Closed Bid Wholesale Only Sales.
Our first sale in San Jose begins on August 15th at 11am.
Our first sale in Los Angeles is set for October 2021.
Click Here for the San Jose Location
Text Azita for our Closed Bid Buyer Application.415-730-3137