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can you imagine a car dealer instructor who has NEVER sold a car ???

imagine a so called certification specialist retired as a DMV inspector who has NEVER sold a car trying to teach you dealer education it makes no sense to waste your time ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ imagine an attorney with a wholesale license who has NEVER sold a car trying to teach you how to become a car dealer […]

California Dealer License Consulting

Our car dealer license classes come with FREE car dealer license consulting. We answer your questions before, during & after the car dealer class. Why should you become a licensed used car dealer?? Perhaps you want access to exclusive dealer only car auctions. Perhaps you want access to franchise new car dealer trades. Perhaps you […]

Wholesale Auction Access

All California vehicle dealer applicants must take a mandatory six-hour course  training as mandated by the Department of Motor Vehicles before obtaining a vehicle dealer license. We conduct the courses throughout California. The fee for our new dealer course is: $250 – scheduled classes AND$350 – for our private classes. TriStar dealer training is an excellent alternative to […]

how to get an auto broker license ???

get licensed with a private car dealer license class we serve the entire state of california DMV certified since 1998 #realcardealerschool 800-901-5950 +++ get dealer auction access and work from home with a wholesale dealer license deliver brand new cars to customers with an autobroker endorsement +++ WE ARE NOT THE PRETEND CAR DEALER SCHOOL […]

Best in the Golden State

TriStar Motors Established in 1998 Has Become The Leader of California Dealer Training No 6 Hour Sales Pitch No Lawyers Pretending to be Dealers NO retired DMV Inspectors without Experience Real Car Dealers teaching Car Dealer Applicants Car Dealer License Training As It Should Be Every Time EZ Simple Compliance 800-901-5950

basic safety checklist

DIVISION 12 SAFETY CHECKLIST Basic Equipment Checklist Safety Belts – All in good working order. Headlights – 2 White headlights, both working. Taillights – 2 red taillights, both working. Visible for 500 ft. to the rear, red lenses are required. License Plate Lights – White rear license plate light visible for 50 ft. to the rear. Rear Reflectors – […]