we are not retired DMV inspectors or attorneys pretending to be car dealers

#realcardealerschool is DMV certified since 1998 we are the largest car dealer school in california +++++ we are really retail dealers / brokers / registration agents / vehicle verifiers NO PRETEND WHOLESALE LICENSE we allow mentors to attend the class at no charge NO HIDDEN FEES FOR CONSULTING we are not retired DMV inspectors or … Read more

Arizona Title Scam Out of Business

1500 Dealer Agents of an illegal Dealer License SCAM have been left stranded with the arrest of the Principals If you want to be legit with auction access & dealer plates you have to take our class, pass the DMV Exam & Get Licensed EZ Simple Compliance REAL Dealers teaching Dealers 800-901-5950

Dealer Plates

Dealer Plates open the door for you Pay No Sales Taxes on vehicles you purchase Pay No Registration Fees on vehicles you drive Run dealer Fleet Insurance on your entire inventory TriStar Motors is not your ordinary DMV Approved Dealer Education Provider. TriStar Motors has been a DMV Approved Education provider for over 23 years. … Read more

why La Mesa dealer school ???

TriStar Motors is not your ordinary DMV Approved Dealer Education Provider. Most of the 50 or so competitors purport to be experts in the auto industry.Most competitors charge low fees which range anywhere between $75 – $200.Most of the providers are insurance brokers trying to cross sell you surety bonds.Some own their own registration service … Read more

Out The Door Spreadsheet

TriStar Motors the leader in dealer training has created and offers for free our Contract Preparation Spreadsheet This Dealer Management Tool allows the computation of an Out The Door Price for any Retail Sale without Software REAL Dealers teaching Dealers EZ Simple Compliance 800-901-5950 EMail us at: tsm974@gmail.com for your free copy.

Compliance Alert for AS-IS Sales

AS-IS Vehicle Sale Every sale of a vehicle that is governed by the provisions of The Song Beverly Act, sold on an “as is” or “with all faults” basis, made in compliance with the provisions of this Act, shall constitute a waiver by the buyer of the implied warranty of merchantability and, where applicable, of … Read more