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AutoNation Recall Disclosure

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, who’s pushing legislation to outlaw the sales of used cars with unrepaired defects, said disclosure isn’t enough. “Disclosure is really no substitute for repair,” Blumenthal said. “The dealers who say disclosure is a substitute for repairs ignore the plain fact that unsafe vehicles are a menace. Not only to passengers and drivers, […]

24/7 Dealer Training

Do You Have A Passion for Cars? Do You Understand The Process of Repair? Your Knowledge Can Generate Significant Cash Become a Licensed Wholesale Used Car Dealer Work From Home Pay No Sales Taxes Avoid Registration Fees Operate on Dealer License Plates Fleet Insurance For Your Entire Inventory Get Licensed 24/7 Call Center 800-901-5950 REAL […]

Dealer Plate Renewal

As a renewal dealer you must, take a continuing education course once every TWO years. To receive your certificate taking our online course or our home study course, you must review the California DMV approved dealer education curriculum and pass the Quiz. We also offer dealer renewal classes in person. Upon completion of your continuing education class online […]