Wholesale Dealer License with Dealer Plates

READY, SET, GO  Getting your Dealer License

All California vehicle dealer applicants must take a mandatory six-hour course training as mandated by the Department of Motor Vehicles before obtaining a vehicle dealer license. We conduct the courses throughout California. The fee for our new dealer course is:

$250 – scheduled classes AND
$350 – for our private classes.

TriStar dealer training is an excellent alternative to most new dealer programs, as we are retired training officers, licensed DMV dealers/brokers/registration agents/verification agents and never in the business of selling you dealer products.

The goal of each session is to provide comprehensive training in an easy to read and follow format.

As our dealer licence student you will be shown the required materials in our handbook, with an in-depth explanation of each required topic.

We offer training beyond expectation as currently licensed retail dealers/brokers.

Anytime, if you have questions or need help you may call us toll free at: 800-901-5950.

Signing up for the DMV approved pre-licensing class:

  • Registration and Class Completion – The course mandate covers a variety of topics and our program has full approval of the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Download Our How Do I Become A Car Dealer Check list to get all of your questions answered
  • Sign-up now to secure your seat with a valid credit card. Confirmation and directions will be sent via E Mail within 24 hours.